Marriage is a commitment. Commitment means that for whatever reasons and temptation faced, it won't be violated, it's alike a person who has been committed not to cheat, despite facing any kind of hard situation, they won't cheat. Speaking about marriage. we reckon that no other violations are worse than infidelity.  

Every action is first started in mind which is the intention. To get committed, the mind must understand to control itself at any time. When it is accustomed, it will become an easy habit. Well, if you are not committed, you'll find so many excuses to have affairs. It can be feeling unfulfilled with partner, new excitement yet all of the reasons are only lacking of ego's control. Deep inside them, they really know that is a wrongdoing thing. They know it would bring them into ruination and downfall.

Yet alike smokers, glutton, drunkard and other addicts, they will keep doing the killing spree. Despite, it actually only needs a little effort in switching the habits by listening to their spirit instead of their ego. We change our fate and destiny by changing our habits. It is started in mind. Whenever there's a will, there will be a way. You can start the new worthy habits and forgive your past, your future will be bright.   

It really concerns me that recently I met so many kids living not in an intact family. They don't deserve this kind of situation. They deserve to be happy with right directions and guidance by their allied father and mother. A father must be like 'Father Sky' to protect them and, the mother is like 'Mother Earth' who nourishes them with affection.   

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