Having Divorced Parents Roots Of Most Unhappiness In The World

The source of happiness and unhappiness is ONE SAME THING. Be careful with your GENITALS. It can induce heaven or hell in the other hand. 

We have witness huge number of children living in misery because of having divorced parents. Some parents are ego seeking for their own fun. They forget that they have been bounded by a holly marriage that they have to keep and only death can make it apart. In Bali for example, a marriage is a big and a ONE TIME EVENT in life. The procession costs lots of time, energy and money. The preparation and the series of ceremony could be taking for months. The most importantly during the final ceremony, the bridegroom vow to be united before and witnessed by God (s) - Dewa Saksi, by Universe or Time-Space - Buta Kala Saksi, by Ancestors - Pitra Saksi, by people - Manusa Saksi.  

Spiritually it is very sacred event. If suddenly you break that vow because of your ego, you can imagine the bill that you will have to pay at the end of the day. Many divorces are begun by small matters in the household. A bossy wife doesn't  make coffee for her husband. She is not being a good service to him. An arrogant husband doesn't pay respect to his wife. He is the only wants to be listened. Being lack of care one to another. Can't be getting over of the partner's past has been cause of the problem and divorce. When a man or a woman has decided to have married, they must be able to accept the partner like a newly born person. Forgive your past, forgive your partner's past. You both can support each other to be a totally new person and evolve together being a better spirits.      

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