Being truthful, conscious and happy

Your own soul is your true teacher because It is God inside you. As long as you listen to It, you are on the right track to your divinity which is the true of you. Other teachers may mislead your way, It won't. Don't worship anyone whether he is called Rsi, Prophet, Apostle etc. They were/are just human being, they might not be perfect. You might be even better than them. Learn their tenets, screen them with your conscience and your wisdom. If you are truthful, you will find it easy which ones to pick and which ones to be overridden.    

TRUE can mean honest, faithful, noble and right. Being truthful is the foundation of life for true happiness. How beautiful life would be if we're surrounded by the righteous people. There will be feelings of security, comfort and this is the true happiness. Honest people will always feel passionate and courageous in their lives. A righteous person has no anxiety, he always feels free. He will never feel restless with his past thoughts, words or actions so he enjoys lives with full of liberation and freedom as the highest value of life. Our spirit which is the true of us always truthful, conscious and bliss. It always tries to lead us to divinity, but the ego dwelling in our mind attempts to affirm the temptation of outer energy seeking false joys.    

Why do some people choose to live in untruthfulness or dishonesty? EGO or ignorant thoughts. It leads people to seek false joy or short term fun or excitements that will return to misery at the end. It is not necessary to be reaped in this current lives. That's why some of us were born in a better condition and circumstances, some were on the way around. All of the different is from past Karma. Dishonesty creates bad lives for the perpetrators since we understand that there's no such victims in this world. All are reaping past Karma and making new Karma. The present as the result of past karma must be sincerely accepted and at the same time we are being given chance to make it better starting now on. Choose the good ones if we want to reap good ones in the future. At every moment, we are receiving 'past Karma' and creating 'new Karma' (which is our choice). False joy gives you temporary fun and you are creating 'new Bad Karma' because you are making joy in the misfortune of others.

Our conscience always tells us to be truthful. It always remind us to be righteous because it is the true of us, our spirit, our soul that is God inside every of us. 

But why people don't listen to his conscience or his spirit?

False ego that based upon lust, greed, anger, arrogance, jealousy and attachment that will definitely lead people to the downfall. The interest of instance false joys. They are not your thoughts. They are temptations to test your determination in holding up the truth within you. If you are not wise and strong, you would think that's nice but actually you are like a fish taking the bait. When they come to tempt you, speak nicely to them trough your conscience, 'you are energy, I am energy. I am not taking you because I understand it won't be good either for me, for you and for others. If you will, since you are energy, you can switch yourself to be truthful and let's consolidate one to another making goodness for everyone, for everything and for the Universe. If not, you'd better go and I give you my sincere prayers'. Never deem them as enemy, because they will fight back. Ask them to switch into positive energy or let them go.

Those temptations are like people, share the knowledge and the wisdom to them, but don't force to switch them, and most importantly don't attach with its result. Don't impose the believes on others. Give them your most sincere prayers.          

Sample of false joy:

*Relationship betrayals. Human relationship is supposed to be easy but, it becomes complicated because many humans are untruthful. Their thoughts, words and deeds are not at one same direction. What they think and feel, say and do are all different. This is actually embarrassing and shouldn't be happened if we realize that we are God inside. How fake life is when a husband says in his words to his wife and children ' I love you' meanwhile deep in his thoughts and feelings says 'I am not true'. It the same goes when a business partner cheats his co-partner, when an employee cheat his company, when a family member cheats the family. We should end this if we would like to evolve and develop our divinity. On of the grounds of this is 'lust and greed'. Man's wants are like ocean and skin, it doesn't have any edge. Until we can always say to ourselves 'I am blessed in every second, I will be true in every second', it seems that life will be always fake and full of anxiety. Another way to avoid this is by feeling that others are ourselves. If we don't want to be cheated, simply don't cheat others. If we don't like betrayal, don't betray. Life will be a lot happier for everyone when we are truthful,     

*polygamy & polyandry. This action must be preceded by a treachery. Polygamy for example has negative impacts on women and children. Men who do this always make excuses for the shake of his ego. Polygamous women have low self-confidence and dignity, inequality among other wives, sometimes mentally and psychologically ill. They are suffering from physical pains and problems. In many cases children are vulnerable to serious consequences in their lives. It is concluded that children who live in polygamous families are mostly low education attainment and achievement, lack of confidence, drink alcohol, school absence, have obstacles in social adjustment. In addition, family structure is poor among children, co-wives and parents. Conflict of interest among half-brothers and sisters, among co-wives have been always very dangerous and detrimental for the family. Accordingly, polygamy is considered a serious social problem may threat and damage families at any time. I have witnessed so many fake relationships among husband and wife or other relationships that at the end damaging themselves. A husband shows off to his wife that as though he were a truthful partner but behind her wife he is flirting with another woman. This kind of man is actually mentally sick. He just simply doesn't understand that he is jeopardizing his families and the most importantly this behavior doesn't help his spirit evolving to divinity. This might be called 'futility of life' that supposed to be a chance given by God, Universe or whatever you want to call to evolve and develop divinity within us. Until he finds God in his soul, man will always seek for excuses to legalize his crimes i.e. as long as I am even-handed to my wives (what kind of justice???), our religion allows me to do this, we just don't get long one to another anymore and bla bla bla.     

*Psychoactive drugs and Alcohol.  These have caused a prominent role in violent death including homicide, suicide, traffic accidents, and other injuries. Aside from death, drug use can lead to a range of possible detrimental consequences:

  • Savagery and other violent behaviors 
  • Wickedness
  • Psychiatric disorders
  • High risk sexual behavior, possibly leading to unwanted pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases like HIV / AIDS
  • Neurological impairment
  • Developmental impairment

 *Theft, robbery, burglary, terrorism and other deceptive acts .  Sometimes I feel we are surrounded by devils in form of human.  Even highly educated people are doing corruption and other kind of crimes. Who do we expect to be truthful? Religious people? Most religions if not all are designed to give advantage to their leaders (who mostly doing corrupt in the name of God and Universe). From long history until today, leaders of religions and government conspire to take advantage of the people. It is probably not more than multi-level marketing. Once again I am not saying all. So I suggest that we better use our conscience as our religion and guidance. I reckon conscience is embodiment of our spirit and our spirit comes from the Universe's soul which is God. It will always be telling us the truth if we are honest and truthful. 

The righteous or honest life will benefit both himself and others.

*Honesty shows that you respect yourself and others. Lying means playing down others. Thinking that others won't know and this means you are assuming others aren't smart enough to know what you're doing. By doing so, that means you are creating the way to disrespect yourself. 

*Honest people are fast learners. If we are honest to ourselves while learning, it will help us to speed up its process. We will recognize and understand our shortcomings so that others will also be very happy to share their knowing to us. While those who are not honest will always try to cover up their deficiencies in a way that is not good and others will also be reluctant to teach or to share their knowledge or skill so that eventually will be slowing the self development.

*Truthful people always get the right solutions for themselves and others. For example a dishonest person says, 'I can do it easily' even though he knows that he doesn't understand the job. You can tell what happened. The work is not finished, others are waiting. In the other hands honest people will say, 'Frankly, I do not have an understanding of the job, but I will try to learn to do it or if it needs to be done immediately, there may be others who can do it'.

*Truthful people attract the same people. Life will be much more exciting when it is filled with true people. In the other hands, dishonest people attract the same people. Well if this is your choice, your life will be filled with worry, attachments and danger. Don't even try.

Some words of wisdom about righteous, truthful and honesty:

*True happiness and bliss which are end-all of life cannot be acquired without becoming righteous, hence one should be devoutly righteous. 

*Following righteousness even to a small extent protects one from great danger.

*Unrighteousness is the root cause of all disease, both psychological and physiological.

*Righteous conduct is deemed superior to all the sciences because righteousness depends on conduct. Righteous conduct prolongs the lifespan of man.

*Righteousness is the only companion of man after death, in the other worlds.

*One should not forsake one's code of righteousness out of desire, being overwhelmed by fear or greed, or even when threatened with death as righteousness is eternal and the only thing be always together with your immortal spirit.

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