Universe is source of all intelligence, surrendering is our highest intelligence

Man should promote his mind and body to follow the characters of his soul. Instead, most people are doing on the way around. He pushes his soul to follow the ego of his mind and physical body.

Your soul is God itself. It is free, happy, blissful, all times fulfilled, conscious and invincible. It is not limited. The ego of your mind and physical body limits it.  

Your soul doesn't want control. It sees everything is God. It doesn't feel superior and neither inferior to others. All are the same. Our ego wants to control anything and anyone in their lives. We may try our best in lives, we can make ourselves ready with knowledge, skill and best attitude towards something or a goal, however man doesn't create opportunity. Time-space owns the right of that. 

To start understanding the power of surrender will help human to be away from being stressful and wickedness. He will do things happily, in the other hand is able to release his control of the result. Even you can't control your own body, I mean not 100%. You can get sick anytime, you can die anytime.

Another example, at the moment the mount Agung in Bali is erupting. The tourists don't come. Some hotels' owners complain because they couldn't make money like in the past. They are stressful, condemning, blaming etc. Those who trust in nature will be saying.' God, Mother Nature I receive this circumstance as it is. I understand your plan will bring goodness for mankind and universe'. And at the same time trying your best to find humane solutions to handle the situation. Believe in the flow of the nature, things will get better. When you are struggling against the nature, you will only waste your energy. You may die in panicking because you don't trust that you will be lifted up from what you call disaster, calamity or misfortune. You just need to stay firm in your believe that things will get better. As long as you are truthful and firm, it won't become your business to lift yourself up. It is the nature's.  

People complain about heat during dry season, they complain about rain during rainy season.  When they didn't have money, they complain about having no money. When they have some money, they complain about the amount. When they haven't had children, they complain. When they have children, they complain. They complain about anything. If we see life this way, we don't need to wait until we die to see the hell, it is already here. These people think that they can control all things. They will end their lives with pressure, tension and end up with illness. They will only have short joy. Once their interests that are based on ego not fulfilled, they will keep moaning.  

The mind is the bridge between the physical body and the spirit. When people keep complaining, stressful in their mind and thoughts, gradually it will suppress the body. Once the body is ill, if he or she still can't control the bridge (the thoughts and mind), it will damage the spirit. This is what we call 'mental illness'. So at the end, life is no use anymore. Even if still alive, this is 'living dead body'. 

Thank God a few people choose to stay happy no matter whatever happened. When they are sick, they are grateful because the nature is giving training for his immune system. When they have less money, they are thankful for still having good health. When they are giving, they are thankful for being given chance to be a giver. When they are receiving, they are grateful for the care from others. 

Being a grateful person, giving beautiful energy to everyone and to the universe. These people do their best with happiness but they are not attached and don't want to control the result. They understand that God and Universe always have a greater plan. They will surrender and entrust the result of every karma they do to the source of every sources.  

We see detail of every creatures include ourselves, we realize the source of every intelligence has made them possible. So, no matter how smart we reckon we are either in life or business, at the end, the truth is we can only surrender to the source of all intelligence, the source of all sources .

If now you pay respect to your parents, next time when you become a parent, you'll have good children. if now you are a good employee, next time when the time you become the boss, you'll be surrounded by good employees. If now you're cheating your business partners, in the future, someone will do the same to you. And as far as I am concerned, the money or any other things that you gain from that kind of way won't give you truly happiness. That will be causing sicknesses for you, your family and your beloved ones. So why bother having money in the other hands, but attached by feeling guilty and causing misery at the end of the day.  This is just the circle of life or business, AS YOU SOW, SO SHALL YOU REAP.    

There's no amount of money that can make you feeling secured, there's no certain number of companies you have that can make you feeling happy, excepts if you decide to choose them now without delay. Those who have owned two hotels intend to have their third one. Those who have had a million want a billion and so fort. But, they may have forgotten to be grateful for what they have had. Wants don't have their edge, it is like an ocean without an end. Whatever you are allowed to have at the moment, receive them as a boon. Knowing this, you understand that things will get better.    

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