According to today's news 100s of people had been killed by the Coronavirus in China. Infections have been spread out in other countries. Chinese Market has become the largest in term of number of tourist visiting Bali in the last few years. They now start cancelling their bookings due the widespread of the virus. Well, this is none of my concern to write this article. I am just going to see it from spiritual side. My understanding might be wrong, who knows. At least I would like to elaborate it with my heart being a human.

The virus might come from the wild animals sold in Wuhan market. If you see this video 'Wild Animal Market in China'. It clearly shows us (human) have become ruthless. They slaughter dogs, rats, civet cats, snakes, bats and all kind. How sadistic they are. Whatever the reasons behind the killing, it shouldn't have been done by human whom have love in their heart. 

Anyway, every human is free to be/do anything in their life but one thing that is not inevitable is 'law of karma', as you sow, so shall you reap'. Luckily, man cannot cheat this law. Man cannot do bribery to avoid the result of karma he did/does. We don't understand either, those animals might be 'the people' who had done slaughter in their past lives and now being born as those animals to be slaughtered if you believe that your soul is eternal and will take another form based upon the karma (action; thought, talks and deeds) you did/do. You're building your future lives based on every action you are doing now. 

They kill those animals for the sake of 'medication or virility'. This belief is kind of misleading heirloom for them. Medication lays in our mind not in the sacrifice of those beautiful animals. What is virility? Those who want it are not better than animals. Their affliction will be returned to the doers, their position by nature will be swapped. We all have witnessed how Law of Karma works precisely. There are no victims at the end of the day. Every thought, word and deed will have to harvest its fruit in the right time. Being conscious in every action is the key because all actions will come back to us, they just might be in different forms.    

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