Make Your Good Karma by Carefully Choosing Your Thoughts, Words and Deeds

Thoughts are predominant. Talks and deeds are supplementary. You can make up and feign  your talks and deeds but the real you is your thoughts and its intention. So be being truthful in your thoughts, override the judgement of others about your talks and deeds. You'll be strong and invincible inside.    

You are now 100% the result of your past Karma. Your current condition and circumstance are the consequence of your thoughts, words and deeds in the past. The past also means your past life. In your past life you chose your parents, the place or country you are born and all other current condition and circumstances. Understanding this, you won't never blame others include your parents, other people etc for whatever happened to you now because all are your own choice in the past. They are only the media of reaping your own Karma. If you are angry, desperate, blaming, criticize etc you are making new bad Karma and you will be reinstating bad result in the future. The best way is to sincerely admit your current situation purely as the result of your past Karma. Start thinking, talking and doing good things and realize that you will crop them in the future. It could be in your near future in your current life or in your next life. 

Here are the illustration:

Past Life Karma received in your current life, some are born being human, being animals, in a better/worse condition

Current Life Karma received in your current life, a man who keeps cheating his wife die because of HIV/AIDS

Current Life Karma will be reaped in your future life, some cruel men will be born being lowly animals

So keep doing good Karma no matter what happened in your current life. There are so many temptations to divert your truthful way but stay firm. There is no other way, you will receive all goodness in your life. Don't attach with its time. Doing good Karma is already giving you true good feeling in life.   

LAW OF KARMA =  LAW OF ATTRACTION = NEWTON'S LAW OF MOTION. This is not magic, this is not superstitious, this is law of science like law of gravitation, law of relativity, law of electromagnetism etc. We have witnessed it works all times but men couldn't stand to follow his false ego. They love making bad karma but once they have to pay the bill, they hate it. They will blame God, Universe, other people, circumstances and situation. What an irresponsibility.

Lots of people still think that whatever happened in their lives is just coincidental. They call 'the event' as fate etc. They then blame the cause of the event if that is considered bad event for them. They don't realize that 'what happened now' is merely the result of their own KARMA in the past. The KARMA includes thoughts, words and deeds.

Understanding that we can't do anything about our past KARMA, we therefore must accept 'the now' with full of responsibility and surrender. All that happened to us now is 100% the result of past karma. Other people, circumstances are just the media. Nothing and none to be blamed, neither do yourself. We just need to realize that we can only make the future better by doing better KARMA now. Because if we blame and desperate, we tend to make new bad KARMA. And then it will never be ending story. 

The visible comes from invisible things. Our intention behind our thoughts are source of reality. Your current intention is invisible, it will be your tangible future. If we want to have a better future, we must start anything with a better intention. What about in every of our intention we say ' this will be good for you, for me and eventually for Universe? Talking about Universe that means we are not only talking about human being but the whole Universe and all its contents. We are talking about time- space and all its contents. Some people are really good to other human being but very bad to other creatures and things. KARMA doesn't not only include human being, but also anything. They forget that all with no exclusion are sourced from one single source. I, we, you, they, she, he, it are just different terms, we are all united in this Universe. 

So if I were being mad to you, them, her/him, it...that only means I am only being mad to myself. On the way around when I am happy for you, them, her/him, it...I am basically happy for myself. Which one do I have to choose? It is 100% up to me, isn't it? Lots of times when they choose negative things in the past and then those come...they complain, they blame. They sowed corn but they want to harvest paddy. 

Real Karma Experience I helped somebody a few years ago. Recently. he unexpectedly came back helping my business. I always tell myself that helping or being helped are just the same thing. No matter what deeds we are able doing at the very moment, all are eventually only chances still given to us to enjoy life with happiness. So, I will stay happy while I am helping or being helped. 

Non attachment When you gain something from an attachment, it doesn't give you truly happiness. It will only bring you the bigger attachment.  

Never expect happiness within next minute while this second you are unhappy. Never expect heaven after death while your current life is hell. Never expect heaven while you are giving hell to others' lives.  


(1) Forget your past include your past life karma . Take yourself as a newly born baby and pure at the moment, haven't made any karma. Think, talk and do right/good things from now on. Stay positive, be grateful for whatever happens now. Believe that God and Universe know better than yourself. Decide true happiness you want to manifest. Detach yourself from past karma and feel that your bright future as though it already happens now. With positive attitude, knowledge and skill do your best to achieve it.  

(2) Forgive anything, anyone and yourself. You can't change everyone or everything but you can change yourself. Many times people allow  themselves bothered by negative people or circumstances. We just need to let go of them, wish them better. 

(3) Create your own positive happy realm. World is up to us to see. We absorb things through our senses. See only positive things, reduce watching TV or other medias containing negativity. Select only to listen to positive and good things. Don't involve in gossiping. Get yourself away from negative people but once you are already firm deep inside of you, it won't be a problem to be being a friend of anyone due their negativity won't be contagious to you. They usually will keep themselves away from you. Which is great. It is better to have one truthful and positive friend rather than having a hundred negative friends. 

Sample of Law of Karma that I have ever witnessed. I am not judging because only God and Universe know the truth.

(1) A man who regularly cheated on his wife found dead in one of private hospitals. He was contracting HIV/AIDS. The whole family had to bear the disgrace. 

(2) A businessman cheated his business partner, he was then cheated by another person.

(3) There so many irresponsible and selfish parents end their lives in full of misery until their death.

(4) When he was young, he treated his parents badly. He is now having bad children. 

They are just a few to mention. We tend to say that once a bad thing happened to someone, he or she is a victim. If you could see the story-line including the karma that they make in their past lives, you would only say everyone or everything is reaping their own karma. How come an 8 year old girl speak seven international languages? How come in one class of students is taught by same teachers having different of result? How come some of us are born in a better family, in a better country, in a better situation and condition but others are in the way around? This one life span on the earth is very short. We should harness this chance to make a better karma for a better future wherever our eternal souls  have to be reborn or exist. 

Karma is like your savings account in the bank. Use it wisely. This is why some bad people are still having temporary joy or fun. They just keep withdrawing their savings, even when it has finished, they will make new loans to fill in their addiction of their ego. At the end, we all have to pay the bill of every karma we do through our thoughts, words and deeds. All will be returned to you either in this life or in your future existence.     

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