Why This Very Moment Is Paramount

Everything is in mind, everything is thought. We tend to waste our energy attaching ourselves with the past and worrying about the future too much. This has caused us ignoring our 'time being'. We are not happy for what we're having at the moment. We lose happiness and the beauty of this life that actually lies in every single second due our attachment of past and future condition. Whereas,both of them are just illusion and memory.

The only way to create your happiness in the future is by creating your own happiness at the time being. Most people are not glad for what they have had. They compare their partner to others', they complain about their kids, their business, their house, their car, their boss, their staff, they're not happy with the weather etc. Well, they always talk to themselves', I would be happy if... but once it is achieved, they put another condition. There's always a condition just to make themselves happy. Why because they think future is too important, past is important and NOW is less important. 

If we can always live in the very moment, we will be able to care more about what's happening and people around us will feel much more appreciated. Have you ever spoken to someone that while speaking to you, his mind goes somewhere to the past or future? They just don't pay attention to the NOW, to you. It doesn't create happiness, does it?

Future plan doesn't always work the way you want, does it?
It doesn't mean you don't need planning. The matter is when you are too much attached to the plan, you can be very ambitious person. You can harm others and eventually you'll harm yourself. When your intention isn't achieved you may get angry easily, you are stressful and then you are sick. Don't forget that you are not the only decider for your success. External factors are a lot of time uncontrollable. Have a plan or intention. Enjoy every moment of the process with happiness. What is the use of a success achieved, meanwhile you are sacrificing the others. 

Are you sure, you'll still be alive in the next few seconds?   
What about thanking to the Universe and the source of anything (God) from every start of the day when you wake up in the morning. Thanking to your whole body, your every cells that your soul and your mind still have their vessel to live. At least you are still granted time to make a better karma through your thoughts, words and deeds. If you can do this in every second of your life, every moment of your life will be heaven. You won't need to die first to experience it.    

I have witnessed that they who complained about the thing they had, at the end of the day they have to lose them and they eventually don't go any better than what they had (complained about). For example a husband always complained about his wife and sack her. His new wife is not better at all even much worse. He then realized and unfortunately is too late that his first one was much better. Someone complained about his car, he said it didn't have power, it is too old but at the end of the day he ended up with no car. Someone complained about food in restaurant and end up his life with no food at all, no capability even to buy junk food. If you say something bad about something now or if you mock away someone now, first of all you will lose them and secondly you will not have someone or something better in the future. Everything and everyone are energy. Be grateful for them, their energy will return you with better thing / one.

How many families have broken apart because they still can't accept the past of their partners. They can't enjoy the very moment, they are hurt by the past, they reckon they will be contented by someone / something else in the future. Why should it be? Why can't we grow and evolve together? We all are not perfect but we may be in the way to perfection if we are able to be righteous, conscious and happy all times. Intentionally find what the good things exist in your partner, at your workplace, at home if you are insist and persistent, you will always find them. You will feel happy at anytime in any circumstance. It is up to you. This is possible or impossible is also 100% up to you to choose. When you are feeling sick, your choice is to think negative about it but the cost of it will be your condition is not getting better because your mind and thought form your physical condition. Or on the way around, you think it positively. You can say thank  God and Universe, it is a gift for your body. That sickness is no longer called sickness, it is now a GIFT. It gives chance to your immune to have kind of training for it can be getting stronger and stronger. Meanwhile, nature will lead you to see the solution of your body to recover and getting stronger.

Attachment to the future has damaged the lives human being. People do corruption because they think and they want to provide too much for their kids. This is a fake safety feeling. This is FEAR. The money that they gain from wrong way is like swallowing up poison, one day you will reap it in form of real sickness. You gain it from wrong way, it will go in wrong way. Behold around you what happened. Most of the time the kids that grown up with wrong money don't go to the right directions in their lives. Stop feeding them with poison, because one day they will get poisoned and you are the cause of it. Be righteous, be conscious and be happy at this very moment all the times. Don't let  your SWINGING MOOD or whatever it is called to affect your unwavering thought to stay happy. Tell yourself that you don't have the past, your partner doesn't have the past, none has the past so you will never judge anyone with their past. Think everyone is newly born person, see who he or she is being. We all can improve together. We all can create happiness without conditions at the time being. Future is going to be brighter when you choose your happiness at this very moment all times.           

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