Your Conscious Mind (Affirmed Energy) Creates Your Future Realities

What have been being called as 'thoughts' are only 'free energy'. Some of them are only 'tests' to try out our determination. Our 'conscious mind' needs to carefully select them with its wisdom and discretion. Otherwise, the wrong ones are imprinted into our subconscious and one day they become the realities that we don't want.

Universe is full of free energy. One of them will always seek for abode in our mind through one of our senses. It becomes our conscious mind's responsibility either to affirm it or to override the offer. Our spirit always tries to tell us the truth but mostly the senses of the ego blurs it,that induces us to choose wrong decisions.  

Our conscious mind is our self-consciousness. Our subconscious mind will create our realities based on regular inputs that consciously made by our conscious mind. So if you don't control your conscious mind, the inputs will be accidentally picked up from outsiders including what you read from media, what you hear from friends, what you see, what you smell and so forth. Even if you have to get the inputs from those activities of your senses. Never let them being the inputs without being unchecked. Like choosing the food, don't feed the rotten ones.   

In Bali for example, man is considered having TRI PREMANA means that they have BAYU (energy to live), SABDA (ability to speak) and IDEP (conscious mind). Animal only has DWI PREMANA which are BAYU and SABDA. Plants only have BAYU. So, having conscious mind (IDEP) sets human beings apart from the animal and plant. Our conscious mind allows us to freely and consciously choose our future outcome based upon the current inputs it picks.

We can not manage our Subconscious Mind that creates our reality. But we can manage our conscious mind to pick up good things so we will crop good things in the future. The inputs are made by conscious mind, based on the inputs the subconscious mind will embody it in the right time and space. In Bali, time-space is called BUTHA-KALA. Once again, Law of Karma works here. Our obligation is only to sow and to take care without attachment of the result but, in the right time by BUTHA-KALA the harvest time must come.

Every single incoming affirmed energy (thought) is recorded by subconscious mind and waiting for the time-space to materialize as our reality. Choosing every single of them carefully becomes the most job of us. We are solely creating our future through our thoughts. Speech and deeds are secondary because the value behind them is still our thoughts (intention).

Like tummy, the subconscious will digest anything provided. It keeps open to the inputs from any sources. If you don't take care of it anytime that means your future is wildly determined by others.

Consciously keep affirming and storing only inputs (thoughts) that align with what they are you desire to see manifest in your life, you'll find like a magic how you become the master of your own life. God only provides his law nature, the rest is up to you to chooses what outcomes you wish to happen in the future. Being knowledgeable and wise is very important because with knowledge you can wisely choose the right inputs to imprint in your subconscious mind through your every second conscious mind.   

Like a sport player, most persistent player becomes the winner. Be persistent inputting positive things in your subconscious mind trough your conscious mind, you will witness the magic of Universe in every second of your life. If it hasn't happened yet, you must know that you had been inputting to many things uncontrolled in the past. Receive it, release it and start the new chapter of the beautiful life has to offer from now on. 

NOW is the result of what you thought in the past. FUTURE will be the result of what you are thinking now. Only affirm the incoming energies that you want to manifest in the future. They are seeds, they will grow and you will reap them.

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