Your Siblings Angels in Balinese Beliefs

Your Siblings Angels in Balinese Beliefs

We all are God inside

The unity of a Man and their four spiritual siblings is called Panca Sanak meaning the Five Siblings. Our true siblings are our guide and protector. In Bali, they are named 'Kanda Pat' means The Four Siblings. God blesses us with our true magical siblings from the beginning of our lives in our mother's womb. When we were born, we continue our lives and they become holy spirits who will always give us guidance as long as we can maintain our intrinsic traits like always being truthful, conscious in every thoughts, talks and deeds. 

The Four Spiritual Siblings are Anggapati (its physical body was Amniotic Fluid), Prajapati (Its physical body was blood), Banaspati (Its physical body was umbilical cord) and Banaspati Raja (Its physical body was placenta).

I Dengen is the baby. Anggapati is often called 'Kakang Kawah' means elder brother/sister because its birth precedes the baby. Banaspati Raja is often called 'Adi Ari ari' means younger brother/sister due its birth is behind the baby.

Soon after we were born, the four siblings became holy spirits and maintain their Divinity. They are no longer bound by their worldly bodies. We continue our lives and a lot bound by our physical body. Being a baby, we still remain to have our magnet like a God or our Divine Magnet because our spirit is still pure. That's why baby are always charming. They are fascinating. In a few cases, they still can see and play with their magical siblings. Sometimes, they laugh even in the absence of someone or something amazing them in accordance to our eyes. 

We start loosing our Divine Magnet when we start poisoned by our surroundings. We even learn to lie from our parents. For example even for a good reason the parents assume," please don't tell your teacher about that". From this small lie, we start to learn the bigger ones. We're no longer truthful. We start politics. We're living in anxiety, distrust to others and having fake lives. We're no longer listening to our Divine Siblings. In the other hand, they start getting bored to tell us the truth because they know we wouldn't listen to them. We prefer to listen to the whispers of our ego i.e. greed, anger, lust, envy and these traits lead us to the life confusion.   

How we have forgotten our Divine Siblings         

They are:
1. Anggapati protects us from the East. Its physical body was amniotic fluid. Look at its function when we were in our mothers' womb;  amniotic fluid has many different functions. Most of the functions fall under one of two categories: protection or development. As the baby floats in the fluid, the baby can move around while at the same time being protected from blows to the uterus.
  • The fluid allows the baby to move around while it is developing. This movement allows for bone and muscle development.
  • The fetus breathes the fluid in and out, allowing it to practice breathing and to aid in lung development.
  • The fluid also helps to keep the fetus nice and warm by keeping heat in. It also helps to keep the temperature consistent.
  • The fluid offers protection from any blows that may come to the uterus area. It may cushion the blow if the mother falls.
  • When the fetus swallows the amniotic fluid, it is practicing using and developing the digestive system.
  • It keeps the umbilical cord from being squeezed too hard. A big squeeze could cut off the nutritional supply from the mother to the baby.

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